The West 18th Street Fashion Show is Proud to Present the following Designers for 2018.


Paige Beltowski
Paige Beltowski is a familiar face to The West 18th Street Fashion Show, having participated in the Show for several years. Paige has worked in the worlds of textile, fashion, and costume design for film and theater. She has received formal education in fibers at the Kansas City Art Institute, costume design at UMKC, fashion design at Central Saint Martins of UAL, and most recently entrepreneurship at UMKC’s Bloch School of Management. Paige has launched an independent woman’s wear and lingerie brand with her business partner Gabriella Corya. Paige’s Instagram.

Nina Littrell
In high school, Nina Littrell had a hard time finding clothing that matched her style, so she took classes that allowed her to make her own clothing. In 2013, she began to play with the idea of using recycled textiles to create new and unique garments. She was inspired by the stories that are embedded in recycled clothing. Nina started her clothing brand, Eighty Two, in 2017. Eighty Two opens up the conversation between fashion and the ever-growing environmental crisis, and offers a sustainable alternative to the current epidemic we face. Eighty Two produces staple garments that are unisex, accessible, and ready to fight alongside the sustainability movement. Nina is currently enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute where she is pursing a BFA in Fiber, and she is the Operations Intern for Rightfully Sewn.

Nataliya Meyer
Designer, Lucia's Sarto
Fashion designer Nataliya Meyer always knew she would be creating clothing. Somehow it has been woven into her, just like learning to speak or how to write. She believes beauty will save the world and enjoys making unique costumes for kids and giving some of them away for free just to see their happiness or using the leftover fabric that anyone else would have thrown away, to make something beautiful. The clothing Nataliya makes has to be perfect. The process starts as an inspiration and evolves into an image, a pattern, a project, and a garment. Of the highest quality, Nataliya’s clothing is a labor of love and life. Nataliya’s Website.

Sydney Pener
Accessories Designer
Sydney Pener is a professional Metalsmith with an active art studio located in Midtown Kansas City, Missouri. Her conceptual artwork honors the traditions of metalsmithing, utilizing a diversity of techniques and craft. The end result is refined, one-of-a-kind jewelry and metalwork. Sydney received a Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing at Syracuse University and a BFA from the University of Kansas. Presently as an Associate Professor, Sydney has been teaching metalsmithing/jewelry making courses for over eighteen years at Johnson County Community College. In addition, she is the Program Coordinator of Operation: Art for the non-for-profit veterans’ organization After Action Network located in Kansas City, Missouri. Sydney’s Website.

Designers, Amani Skalacki & Jennifer Tierney
Collaboration, Skala Designs & J.tierina Designs
A partnership between a Fashion designer/ballerina and Jewelry designer/fashion stylist creates an intermingling of ideas for a distinctive runway collection. Both designers have over a decade of experience. Jennifer Tierney is Director/Costuming Designer for American Youth Ballet and Owner of American Dance Center. She has created seven full length ballets with 80-120 dancers in each and countless repertory pieces. She is also Owner/Designer of clothing line DanceFit-by J.tierina Designs. Amani Skalacki is a Jewelry Designer/Creator since 2004 and fashion stylist. Her inspiration for jewelry is based on bringing out the hidden beauty in the misfits – pieces of vintage jewelry and hardware objects that are paired together and transformed into one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Amani’s fashion styling has been featured in Today Magazine, Kansas City, SimplyKC Magazine, Chicago Style Magazine/Halfstack, EA Bride, and 435 Magazine. Jennifer’s Website & Amani’s Website.
Designers, Tiffani Starr & Phoebe Rain
Collaboration, Rubbish Co.
As artists, Tiffani Starr and Pheobe Rain both have experience in a large variety of mediums, as well as learning daily to expand their knowledge and entrepreneurship. Their collection isn’t about them or their successes, but about how they can help aid in our planet’s health one step at a time. Being able to use fashion as a platform, they aim to bring attention to important issues, and they are extremely humbled by the opportunity to do so and with the help of their community. Their collaboration is about bringing voice to nature’s song, in a way that invites people to sing along, while also bringing awareness to how discarded material has become it’s own culture. Tiffani and Phoebe hope to motivate others in re-evaluating the way they think about “waste.”

Peregrine Honig
Designer, Birdies
With the show since it’s inception, Peregrine navigates the narrative of the West 18th Street Fashion Show’s history and future, interlacing fashion and fine art. An internationally collected artist, Peregrine Honig can be found working in her studio or at Birdies.

The West 18th Street Fashion Show is Proud to Present the following Special Guests for 2018.


Leslie Fraley
Special Guest, Finefolk
Finefolk is a contemporary concept shop + studio nestled in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. Embodying the vase artisanal culture of the city while expanding far beyond Midwest trend, Finefolk has garnered a loyal customer base locally and beyond. Finefolk curates collections from independent and emerging designers that represent honest beauty and design. With a background in design, Leslie Fraley gathers each piece in the shop with the “finefolkwoman” in mind. Finefolk’s collections are ever-evolving and expanding, which allows for freedom for the consumer to explore within her wardrobe and express outwardly what lies inwardly.Finefolk Website.
Marv Graff
Special Guest
Marv Graff’s artwork expertly merges the fields of avant-garde fashion, textile design, sculpture, and historic preservation in order to re-imagine the purpose and aesthetic of old world objects into contemporary image. His art juxtaposes traditional, old world objects with contemporary structure and aesthetic, exploring the tension of what the viewer recognizes and what they imagine through the eyes of the artist. Each work conjures multiple meanings and speaks to Marv’s interest in cultural nuance and what he calls “the forgotten, swept aside objects” of the past. Marv’s work has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and New York Magazine. In June 2016, Marv graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with an MFA Fiber Arts. Marv’s Website.

Betsey Johnson
Special Guest, SwimZip®
SwimZip® is the UPF 50+ clothing brand people trust to keep themselves and their children sun safe. They feature signature full zipper down the front of their rash guard shirts, making them so easy to put on and take off! Their swimsuits, swimwear, bathing suits, and accessories are made with the best materials to unmatched standards. SwimZip styles are one-of-a-kind. Attending college at University of Puget Sound, Betsy Johnson received a major in Business and a minor in Economics. Betsy has taken classes here and there at different art institutes including the Kansas City Art Institute. SwimZip has received many awards through they years and have were featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. SwimZip Website.
Caleb & Cortney Fangman
Special Guest, Village Collection
A husband and wife team, Caleb and Cortney have two sons and two pups. They love music, fashion, thrifting, traveling, and overall hunting for and collecting specialty vintage from all over the country. In 2013 they launched their online Etsy shop and recently opened their own store in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. They specialize in 90s grunge, 70s rock n’roll, and have a touch of 60s femininity. They believe recycled clothing has history and personality which cannot be duplicated. Taking advantage of those unique qualities allows them to make and sell clothes that have individuality and character – all the while protecting the environment.Village Collection Esty.