Amatoria Clothing - Monica Rojas
With a belief in craftsmanship, sustainability and supporting local businesses, Monica Rojas’ Amatoria Clothing line is handcrafted in Kansas City with organic, recycled and/or upcycled materials. A trilingual travel-junkie, she merges aspects of different cultures into her designs for a clean, modern, natural look. An upcoming trip to the south of Spain is the inspiration for her Ceremonial Summer collection, including the beautiful fountains, archways and tile mosaics from the Alhambra palace in Granada.
Bluestem Highway
Rory Layton and Christina Dougherty were raised in Kansas and went to college in Chicago. Christina studied Fashion and Fiber Material studies, while Rory studied Environmental Chemistry. They now live and work out of Brooklyn. Their company, Bluestem Highway, is an homage to their roots, with a focus on building roads and bridging gaps. The driving force of their Ceremonial Summer collection is to map their past. They wish to rediscover the men they look up to most, to celebrate the life, the journey and the transitions through their lives. By diving into their grandfathers’ pasts, they will create new ways to view and consider themselves.
Alexis Flores & Catherine Dewalt
Alexis Flores and Catherine DeWalt are partnering to create a collection for Ceremonial Summer inspired by the 1970 movie, “The Wicker Man.” Wiccan, Pagan and Celtic cultures all inspire the collection because of their connection with nature and the performance of ceremonies during the season of summer. Abundant use of silks and woods will be featured throughout the collection, along with raw edges and exposed seams. &

Jordan Zimlich
Skyline Downtown Salon
2001 Grand Blvd, 4th Floor Kansas City,MO

Makeup Artist:
Krystal Franklin for Beautiful You
Christine Nelson
Accessories Designer
Since studying Metalsmithing at the University of Kansas, Christine Nelson has been captivated by jewelry. Producing work from her home, she participates in First Friday openings and creates custom bridal jewelry collections. Having always been influenced by ornamental architecture, her designs for Ceremonial Summer will draw on the connection between ceremony and the place of the ceremony. She will incorporate elements from buildings in a modern way.
Ebony Harvey
Sewing as a hobby since the age of nine, Ebony Harvey’s interest grew after a high school fashion design class. While studying Criminal Justice in college, she worked at Kansas City Costume Company. She has been sewing for 14 years, but her collection for Ceremonial Summer will be her first. She was inspired by the movie “Coming to America” and the celebration of a black queen. She believes all women are queens–strong, feminine and proud–and wants to display that with fabric choices and styles that will make any woman feel beautiful.
Emily Kenyon
Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, Emily Kenyon is pursuing a Fiber degree at the Kansas City Art Institute. Inspiration for her Ceremonial Summer collection, the American Dreamgirls, comes from the iconic, mid-century pin-up girl and the contemporary “American Dream.” When we get dressed in the morning, we are creating a façade. For the American Dreamgirls, producing this disguise is a daily ceremony. Wearing materials inspired by the artifice of American culture like AstroTurf and other plastics, they have an air of squeaky clean perfection.
Emma Lammers
After completing her fashion degree at the University of Missouri, Emma Lammers came to Kansas City to work at TOMBOY Studios, where she learned the craft of tailoring and garment construction. She has shown collections in many local fashion shows and currently works as Lead Cutter for Eleve Dancewear. As a minimalist designer, she firmly relies on simplicity with quality construction. Her Ceremonial Summer collection is inspired by the challenging road to recovery from addiction. A variety of black fabrics with hints of white peaking through symbolize the freedom from dependence and hope for a new resolution.
Erin Paige Designs
Accessories Designer
Erin Paige Designs began in May 2012. Putting love and passion into every design, she works with melted Lucite, acrylic paint and copper. Her work has been featured in Kansas City Fashion Week, This Is KC, Kansas City Business Journal, Better KC, First Friday and more. The premise behind her Ceremonial Summer collection is a personal one. Much of the growth she has experienced on her unique journey has been through clearing the mind and blockages in the seven chakras. The strongest of these has been through the heart, voice and third eye, so she has chosen a color palette that represents these areas. The rectangular and square shapes with the center cut out are the passages we all journey through.
Flannery Grace Good
Accessories Designer
Flannery Grace Good grew up in a haunted house with no TV or siblings but a vivid imagination. Having always been fascinated by rocks, she spent a summer in Taos, New Mexico at age 20 learning how her uncle creates jewelry. After making a small initial investment for tools and equipment, she taught herself and eventually earned a BFA from Western State College. Since then, she has lived in several states, married the love of her life and rescued as many animals as she could. Focusing on magic as a ceremony, her collection for Ceremonial Summer will feature pieces for apprentices all the way to ascended masters.
Kate E. Burke
With a background in graphic design, embroidery art and textile design and production, Kate E. Burke has operated the Honeytree Gallery for the past five years. Inspiration for her Ceremonial Summer collection comes from Native American drum ceremonies and hip-hop dance battles. Both use rhythm from drum beats that lead dancers into warrior-like mental spaces, resulting in incredible body movements. Her hand-printed patterned textiles are like rhythm, and the garments become the dancers.

Hair & Make-up Stylists from The Calico Beard & Mercantile:
Tara Shaw, Jessica Rodriquez, Madalyn Myers, Mallory Finn & Dane Ryan Casey
Maegan Stracy
Maegan Stracy is a multimedia artist and designer interested in the conversation between wearable garments and contemporary art. Her recent projects include a residency at the Arteles Creative Center in Haukijarvi, Finland and a collection featured at Fashion Week San Diego. She is currently a resident at the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project. For her Ceremonial Summer collection, she will focus on the ritualistic aspects of textile production and sports and leisure and how the two relate to popular culture today. She will combine traditional processes like rug-making, dyeing and smocking with current trends and styles.
Margie Hogue
Growing up, Margie admired the century-old homes in her neighborhood and believes they instilled in her an appreciation for elegant simplicity. Inspired by YSL and the laid-back “je ne sais quoi” of French chic, Margie followed her passions and earned degrees in French and Fashion design. Since joining forces with ethical fashion brand Awava in 2011, Margie has produced her first apparel line, margiehogue for awava, and continues to cultivate her creative endeavors in Lawrence, KS. Her Ceremonial Summer collection is inspired by desert landscapes and the shadows that accompany the slow transition of dusk to night.
Maria Mincher - Piola Jewel
Accessories Designer
Kansas City, Missouri native Maria Mincher graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and Spanish from Regis University. Previously focusing on pastel painting, she began taking silversmithing courses in Kansas City, followed by an intensive jewelry course in San Francisco. She returned to Kansas City to launch Piola Jewel. Her collection for Ceremonial Summer is a reflection of the found materials and organic elements that are at the root of sacred rituals or celebratory occasions and will emphasize ancient, ceremonial adornments. Natural materials will be juxtaposed with modern settings and manmade material.
Matthew Cottrell
Accessories Designer
Kansas City native Matthew Cottrell is currently a sophomore in the Fiber Department at the Kansas City Art Institute. His experience attending Catholic school has given him an interesting perspective on religion. In his work, he explores the idea of comfort through oral fixation as it relates to the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist with iconic imagery of pills and cigarettes. For Ceremonial Summer, he is collaborating as an Accessories Designer with Birdies.
Rachel Anne Gottlieb
Native New Yorker Rachel Anne Gottlieb has been designing and sewing since age 13. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, she designs clothes that are beautiful and functional, meaningful and custom, classic yet individual. Her collection for Ceremonial Summer is inspired by skin, the garment that all humans are born with. Through the passage of time, the evolution of a person’s identity as a whole can be seen. Tattoos, scars, stitches, wrinkles and more show the residue of an entire life‘s milestones, trials and, most of all, triumphs.

Silver Screen Salon
1718 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Aisha Simon with Smash Glam
Rachel Rieke
Accessories Designer
Kansas City native Rachel Rieke is a self-taught bead-weaver and jewelry designer. The inspiration for her Ceremonial Summer collection is effortless beauty and golden elegance mixed with a vibrant color palette. The collection will include simple, delicate items as well as bold statement pieces.
Tara Light
After graduating from UMKC with a degree in English, Tara Light began exploring clothing production in her spare time. Her “big break” came when she was accepted into the West 18th Street Fashion Show in 2011. The inspiration for her Ceremonial Summer collection came while ruminating on some of the more mundane ceremonies we participate in daily, particularly the ceremony of dining. The preparation leading up to hosting a dinner is an experience in and of itself. It’s simultaneously energizing and calming. There are rules, but they allow for spontaneity. The traditional five-course French menu will serve as the basis of the collection.
We Are Tribe
Founded in 2011, We Are Tribe is the collective vision of Elizabeth Bohannon and Liana Wears. They have made a name for themselves through their unique styling and vintage curation. They currently sell online, with the occasional pop-up, offering an interesting collection of vintage clothing and accessories that is relevant to modern day fashion. For Ceremonial Summer, they will present “Color Intention.” Color is full of emotion and intention. In fashion, the ceremony of color brings these intentions to life through fabric, texture, structure, detailing and shape. Individuals performing the ritual of dress are able to transition their subconscious intentions outward.
Peregrine Honig and Danielle Meister close the show each year with a collection umbrellaed by Birdies, the West 18th Street boutique they have co-owned for eleven years. Throughout the year, they meet with emerging designers and see art in order to showcase their star garments in the context of relevant creative concepts. Paired with an accessory designer, local hair and makeup stylist and team of models, they strive to draw parallels between fashion and fine art. This year’s collection is a collaboration with Matthew Cottrell and commissioned Third Eye Sunglasses by J Ashley Miller. Their garments and styling will explore The Ceremony of Loss through five phases.
Yulie Urano
Born and raised in Kansas City, Yulie Urano received a BFA in Fiber Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute. The collection she is creating for Ceremonial Summer will reflect her own personal heritage and familial ties as a female first generation Japanese American. A personal ceremony and homage to her family and culture, the collection includes inspiration from long black hair, sashiko embroidery and tsuna, a rope used to hang above the entrances of shinto temples to signify a pure and sacred place.
Junior Intern
Gigi is this year’s junior intern. Her interest in fashion and drive to be involved made her an excellent candidate for this brand new position. Gigi’s fresh set of eyes and determination to learn have been a fantastic addition on our team.