Designers 2019

The West 18th Street Fashion Show is Proud to Present the following Designers for 2019.

Christopher Bender
Christopher Bender is a multi media textile and performance artist residing in Kansas City.  His current collection draws upon the kookiness of childhood dress up as well as exaggerated fashions made from everyday objects. He hopes to invoke fun, queer joy and wonderment in his newest creations.

Audrey Lockwood
Designer, Devil Doll
Audrey Lockwood derived from a longtime passion for creating and a childhood nickname. A truly sassy deviant, her parents coined the nickname Devil Doll at a young age and little did they know Audrey would use this as the name and brand image for her ready-to-wear fashion line.

Audrey recently has shown two collections for Kansas City Fashion Week, as well as participated in Fashion Honors Autism. She graduated from Stephens College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Product Development. She additionally studied at London College of Fashion. She has won the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund twice and has been chosen to present her work to the CFDA while studying fashion. Audrey continues to constantly learn and develop herself as a designer and also has an extensive background in retail.

As a designer and entrepreneur she channels an edgy, retro style that always maintains a feminine edge. She uses bold color and strong texture throughout her work to dress the girl boss that everyone is undeniably drawn to. Audrey is heavily inspired by vintage dress and pop culture and uses those references as a basis to create modern conceptual collections. Her designs are all about empowering the boldest of women. Audrey uses conceptualization, illustration, patterning, and sewing garments to clothe the diverse  women who are making waves in the world. All of her garments are available as custom made-to-measure pieces in her current line Devil Doll by Audrey Lockwood. You can view her work and make orders through her Instagram @devildollaudrey or her website

Peregrine Honig & Alexis Burggrabe
Artist and Design Curators
Birdies is a female run independent lingerie shop that closes The West 18th Street. Collaborating with Clarissa Knighten, the final collection focuses on Victorian botanicals in eco friendly and ethically produced innovative fabrics and organic bold accessories.

Anthony Diaz
Designer, Haus Of Dejour
My name is Anthony Diaz, a 29 year old male from Los Angeles, CA. In 2008 I attended the Art Institute of CA-Hollywood for Fashion Design & Business Management. After college I began to intern at Chic Lil Devil Style House along with doing Visual Merchandising for Gap Outlet. Since then I have worked for many different companies in the industry such as; Product Developer for Lucent Product Inc. a sunglass manufacture for big retailers, I then was Design Assistant for Men’s wear line Jacob Holsten and Pin up swimwear Sugar Doll Swim. After gaining a lot of experience with many talented people I started my own line Haus Of Dejour. Haus Of Dejours customer is someone who likes to take risks, isn’t afraid to explore with patterns and bold colors. In 2016 I moved to Kansas City in hopes to pursuing my journey in Fashion Design. In Kansas City I have had the opportunity to work with some drag Performers of Hamburger Mary’s along with other performing clients. November 2018 I showcased my first Midwest collection for an LGBT charity Event along with other designers at the Skyline Hair Salon. I am so excited to further my journey here in the Midwest and bring what’s never been seen in Fashion. 18th street fashion show is going to be the BIG start of my Career.

Jennifer Tierney
Designer, J.Tierney Designs

Originally from Sacramento, CA, Jennifer Tierney is intrigued most by lines, movement and creating shapes through space. Fashion, runway & costume design were always waiting in the wings past a 17 yr professional ballet career. Her designs revolve heavily around curves of the body and exploring silhouettes and texturing while delicately recreating the architectural body lines with fabric.

Ms. Tierney’s ballet career included seasons spent with Milwaukee, Sacramento, Oakland, Columbia City, and Madison Ballet; as well as Owen Cox Dance Group and Concept Zero Contemporary Dance.

For over a decade, Ms. Tierney has been the Head Costuming Director/Designer for the American Youth Ballet and Owner of the American Dance Center. As Costuming Director she has led to create seven full length ballets with between 80-120 dancers in each as well as costuming countless repertory pieces.

In 2016 Ms. Tierney started her designer brand J.Tierney Designs. Since then she has presented in KCFW S/S ’19 & F/W ‘19, W18th Street Fashion Show 2018, Omaha Fashion Week F/W ’19 and JCCC Fashion Show Spring 2019. Ms. Tierney is also a student at JCCC as both a Business and Apparel Design and Tech major. She is thrilled to be participating in West 18th Street Fashion Show for her 2nd Season.

Rex Wall
Designer, House of Oliver
I came to a point where I had to make money by doing what I love. I quit my day job and focused on making things. Grandiosity left me bleeding cash and making nothing. I had myself a textbook mid-life crisis. My matronly landlady, frustrated by consistently late rent payments told me I had to go back to work or go back to school. I felt I’d be going backward if I went back to the job I had burned out on so I chose school. Now I’m here in Kansas City at the Art Institute studying fiber. I’m entering my third year. I’m a senior already. Time is irrelevant when you’re doing what you love. What I love is costume and garment design and textiles. I create surfaces and substrates from an accumulation of latch-key kid memories of late night movies and day time syndicated reruns; the inspiration of Sci-Fi rubber monsters and Film Noir Femme Fatale. What would classy robots wear when they go out for a nice dinner? How can space suits be more comfortable and attractive while effectively shielding you from radiation and still hold up to the vacuum of space? This is what is going on in my head. My designs start with a narrative or create one.

Esmeralda Lole
Designer, Kyrie Eleison Couture
Kansas City, MO Fashion Designer, Esmeralda Lole, has dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer since she was ten years old. Coming from humble beginnings she started pursuing her dreams by revamping old clothing. From there, she taught herself how to create garments from scratch. She then continued chasing after her dreams by attending The Art Institutes International. Graduating with a bachelors in Fashion Marketing, Esmeralda equipped herself to become an entrepreneur.

After college, Esmeralda knew she wanted to continue to design but wasn’t sure what market she wanted to specialize in. After much prayer and research, Esmeralda received her calling to become a couture designer. That is when Kyrie Eleison Couture was birthed. Esmeralda designs every piece with the concept of reflecting the beauty we have within, the beauty God has given us. Each piece is meant to compliment the client and enhance what is already there.

Now, Kyrie Eleison Couture specializes in couture gowns and suits. The brand has been featured in many local shows. It has also been published in Lo’Cal Magazine, StartLand News, JasmineDiane, and more.

When Esmeralda is not designing for the Runway, Prom, Weddings, and other special events she is caring for her three beautiful children and husband. Along with God, they inspire her to pursue her dreams everyday.

Esmeralda hopes to be an inspiration to young minority girls/women everywhere. Creating a dream with nothing but passion and drive she believes that everyone has what it takes to reach their goals.

Kyrie Eleison Couture specializes in couture gowns and suits. The brand has been featured in many local shows. It has also been published in Lo’Cal Magazine, StartLand News, JasmineDiane, and more.

Paige Beltowski
Designer, PG Designs
Paige Beltowski is a familiar face to the West 18th Street Fashion Show, having participated in the show for several years. Paige has worked in worlds of textile design, fashion design, and costume design for film and theater. She has received formal education in fibers at the Kansas City Art Institute, costume design at UMKC, fashion design at Central Saint Martins of UAL, and most recently entrepreneurship at UMKC’s Bloch School of Management. Paige has launched an independent women’s wear and lingerie brand with her business partner Gabriella Corya, PG. The collection you see shown today is the 3rd collection produced by PG and is available for purchase. 

Clarissa Knighten
Rissa’s Artistic Design
Clarissa Knighten left Corporate America in August 2017 to pursue her business, Rissa’s Artistic Design (R.A.D) this self – taught artist creates a haven for those who seek to collect and wear bold beautiful art. She strives to handcraft masterpieces of jewelry that range from Earthy to Edgy to Elegant. Leather, cowrie shells, tree branches, rocks, wire, various weights of metal, gemstones even buttons can be found in her work. Each piece has the ability to transform any outfit, while at the same time lifting the emotional expression of the wearer. This creates higher self – image, confidence and savvy attitude needed to navigate the complex and dynamic world we live in today. Her jewelry has a voice and an expressive story of resilience.  She has spoken openly about battling Depression and Bulimia and actively encourages the dialogue.

After participating in Kansas City Fashion Week, the fashion bug bit her. She dreamt of walking the stage with West 18th Street Fashion Show.  Here she is in her first season.  Her work which connects with a twist, glimmers of a twinkle, coils, spirals, bold then subtle details which might otherwise be viewed as invisible stand out.

She serves on the Friends of the Arts Council at the Nelson Atkins Museum, also is a active member of InterUrban  ArtHouse and African American Artist Collective.

“I would like to help people understand jewelry is art and in every form heals.” -Clarissa

Missy IsaMoore
Designer, Sew UnRelaxed
Afrocentric and cosmopolitan, Afro-Politan. Sew UnRelaxed is the definition of Afro-Politan and revels in the use of prints, colors and textures in their designs. Sew Unrelaxed’s goal is to make clothing with vibrancy, inspired by or with ankara fabrics. Missy IsaMoore is a self taught designer hailing from Kansas City, Missouri; was raised in Houston, Texas, and lived in Chicago,Illinois. Missy gets her inspiration and boldness from the different regions she has lived. Sew UnRelaxed runs the gamut from casual ready-to-wear, swimwear to evening wear, Sew Unrelaxed is for the person looking to fit in while standing out at any even, occasion or vacation! Sew UnRelaxed specialty is unmatched whether it be plus size, gowns or menswear. Design and vision of Missy IsaMoore starting her sewing at an early age, she started with altering her school uniforms to show her individualism. Throughout high school she expanded her design to her peers by making fashionable clothing to sell. After graduating and moving to Chicago for college in her mid 20’s, Missy decided to start her own fashion line because of the lack of plus size women’s clothing, she saw the need to design and create clothing for plus size women and Sew UnRelaxed was born. Missy’s experience with making a wide range of garments came from client inquires, Missy rises to any occasion… no garment is too big, no design too technical for Sew UnRelaxed, And Sew It Is.

Nataliya Meyer
Designer, Oblivion Clothing Design
Nataliya ‘Lucia’ Meyer is a designer from the mid-West, living in Kansas City, Missouri. Nataliya owns the Oblivion Clothing Design label and Lucia’s Sarto – a custom clothing store on the Country Club Plaza (Kansas City, Missouri). Nataliya was born in the Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk) and classically educated in Pattern Making, Garment Construction, Sewing and Alteration, as well as, Fashion Design, Graphics Design, Art, and Calligraphy within the Ukrainian educational academy. Nataliya has 14+ years experience in designing clothing and as an alterations specialist. “Working with clothing has been woven into me, it’s in my DNA, it allows me to breath. I focus on building garments to fit my customer’s unique personality and body style. I’m obsessed with ensuring I help show-off what my customers want to emphasize and to de-emphasize what they’re not happy with.” Nataliya specializes in Custom Sewing for men, women, and children for any event. She focuses on the discovery process with her clients and provides sketching(s), and can provide pattern making if needed, as well as garment construction with finishing details.  
Sarah Bender
Born in the beautiful, mountainous state of Colorado, Sarah Bender has been lucky enough to grow up in an environment that celebrates the beauty of nature. She found her career path as a florist 6 years ago and has been honing her craft ever since. As a lifelong artist who has explored many methods of creative expression, it wasn’t long until she began exploring ways of using her floral skill set, love of nature, and eye for aesthetics in unique and often unconventional ways. From headdresses and costuming, to styling photoshoots and creating large scale floral installations, Sarah has had ample opportunities to hone her voice as an artist while exploring different applications of her craft. Her current collection combines hand-pressed flowers with vinyl fabric to create a line of accessories that are truly wearable art. She is honored to present her fashion forward and thoughtfully crafted designs at the W. 18th Fashion Show this year.

The West 18th Street Fashion Show is Proud to Present the following Special Guests for 2019.

Caleb & Cortney Fangman
Special Guest, Village Collection
A husband and wife team, Caleb and Cortney have two sons and two pups. They love music, fashion, thrifting, traveling, and overall hunting for and collecting specialty vintage from all over the country. In 2013 they launched their online Etsy shop and opened a storefront in 2017 located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. They both have been in the fashion industry for over a decade. They have backgrounds in visual merchandising, styling, design and buying. Village is a curation of 60s, 70s and 90s vintage clothing. They believe recycled clothing has history and personality which cannot be duplicated. Taking advantage of those unique qualities allows them to make and sell clothes that have individuality and character – all the while protecting the environment.