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Project Runway Scoping out 18th Street Designers?

arif-thumb-200x299-thumb-200x299If you didn’t know, Ari Fish, one of the West 18th Street designers, is featured in the current season of Project Runway. Check out her online bio, profile and videos for the show- it is so strange and exciting for us to see her in that world, talking to Heidi Klum and Michael Kors… But what’s even more exciting to us is, according to the article in the Kansas City Star Aug. 18, 2009, by Lisa Gutierrez, Project Runway actually contacted her after seeing her designs in the West 18th Street Fashion Show.

I received an e-mail from “Project Runway” saying that they saw my designs in the West 18th Street Fashion Show and encouraged me to apply.

We are pleased and flattered that the people at ProjRun are in tune with our show, and are actually scoping it out for contestants. And even though they didn’t see the Ari as a commercial fashion designer, we are extremely proud of our relationship with her and we know that she has and will continue to leave her artistic mark in Kansas City and the world beyond.


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