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The 14th Annual West 18th Street Fashion Show

Gilded Summer 2013 Backstage

Erin Zona Print 2

Print by Erin Zona

The 14th annual West 18th Street Fashion Show is well underway! This year’s theme, Ceremonial Summer, explores the idea of how we mark time. From initiations to coronations, class, culture and spiritual beliefs, this theme will highlight the process of celebration and transition.

Ceremony’s Sacred Hour
Paint your Face and Wear Your Power
from the Runway to the Street
Decorated Hands and Feet

The daily ceremony of getting dressed determines our intention, the passage of hours, our social standing, and how we consider ourselves. What we wear in the progression of our lives is determined by our class and culture, our spiritual beliefs, and our access to material and information. From birth to death, our garments tell the story of who we are and where we are from.

998429_10152006279431027_107551770_n (1)The producers review applications at the Designer Selection Meeting.

Applications inspired by the theme poured in. After combing through them, the producers selected a group of dynamic, diverse and talented garment and accessories designers to debut their collections on the West 18th Street runway.

10001354_10152019638176027_1585096459_nThe producers and designers meet at Designer Orientation.

The new and improved blog, now integrated with our beautiful website, will feature posts about this year’s designers, past designers, the show itself, creative musings and more. Check back every week!

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